Jun 21, 2013

"STOP Miniaturization Chihuahua"

Our kennel with the other registered in the Kennel Club in Poland takes part in action:
"STOP Miniaturization Chihuahua"
The move aims to raise awareness,
that miniaturizing the breed, the weight of about 1 kg in adulthood,
the mistreatment of animals.
These dogs are genetically degenerated by reproduction in kinship or deliberately underfeeding that as adults weigh as little as possible, they were almost unnaturally small.
In such cultures are often kept in cages, and propagated by weight.
Announcements of tiny chihuahua breeders usually notice Kennel Club does not belong to the only organization belonging to FCI - International Kennel Club
Tiny or less than 1 kg. males are usually loaded with genetically impaired
do not have a chance for a normal, healthy life!
It's the dogs who suffer, for each infection is life-threatening.
Females in this race than 1.7 kg should not be allocated to reproduction.
When you buy a dog from defects, often cripple - promotes the formation of cripples.
The money you save on buying a miniature puppy - you spend on your care.
Yes, it's true what they write. The Chihuahua is the smallest dog in the world, but it might be too small!
A dog that weighs as an adult less than 1 kg is unnaturally small dog, the dog rickety!